Western Victoria, Australia

Jay has long held a love of Australian history and recording stories of the people that make it. Her writing is informed by a life lived to the full. Jay has owned a pottery business, donned an apron to cook on outback bus tours, sung in a barbershop quartet and worn high heels as a PR secretary. She swapped a city life for a rural hobby farm where she raised a family and got down to earth with a menagerie including a milking cow, a peacock named Andrew and an angora goat to supply fleece for spinning. A tiger snake infestation led them to move to a small town in Western Victoria. Jay now works in a library where she convenes a book club and a writing group, and prefers to spin literary yarns rather than fibre. She kicks up her heels regularly to attend writing conferences, workshops and writing retreats around the country.

Jay believes in making the most of every opportunity. In her teens she saved her girlfriend's life when they were both carried out to sea in a rip on a deserted back beach. Jay is a hopeless swimmer and believes in God.