1. BA Journalism
2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I love how Tolkien was able to create a whole world out of his imagination and I appreciate the detail he put into it.
3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Star Wars original trilogy. LOTR is my favorite series and it's interesting how George Lucas was able to envision a whole universe and make it seem realistic, he was ahead of his time.
4. My mom was a campus journalist in her time, as was her father before her, and she is my main inspiration for putting Journalism as one of my course choices.
5. Mayday Parade. Actually, any "bands" band, like All Time Low, Secondhand Serenade, My Chemical Romance, and so on. As a musician, I appreciate the acoustic instruments such as drums and guitar as opposed to recent music with synthesizers and sequencers. Also, the lyrics make me feel stuff like Taylor Swift makes me feel stuff.
6. Speedhunters. Speed is one of my main interests in life, and if I had gone to Germany or anywhere in Europe, I would've been taking Motorsports Engineering.
7. My dad's Lechon Kawali or my mom's spaghetti. I can't exactly state a specific favorite food, but I currently live alone and I find myself missing homecooked meals so much.
8. Photography, Music, Gym.