Jeff Head

My name is Jeff Head. I live in Emmett, Idaho,

USA. It's a small rural town near Boise, Idaho. I

have a wonderful wife, Gail. We've been married

41 years and have five kids...thee daughters and

two sons. The youngest is 30 years old, and the

oldest is 41. We have 13 wonderful

grandchildren and have two new grandsons

coming, one next month in June, the other in


I spent my career doing Engineering work,

working in three sectors. Defense, Power, and


I worked on the A-7E naval attack aircraft, the S-

3A naval anti-submarine aircraft, the Multiple

Launch Rocket System (MLRS), what at the time

was called the NSSN, and then became the

Virginia class submarine, the THAADS (Theater

High Altitude Air Defense System) and several

other defense projects, including doing a high

level evaluation out at Thiokol after the

Challenger Shuttle disaster.

For computers, at Micron Electronics, I worked

on the XKE, Trek, and Trek II before leaving

Micron after 911 and working for the


I had worked for Bechtel Power Corporation on

nuclear plants (SONGS in the LA Area), the

Houston Plant that Bechtel took over and

completed, and then went back into defense

engineering. But then after 911 I joined the US

Bureau of Reclamation and worked on Hydro-

Electric Dams. That job turned into me being in

charge of all security systems for the Dams in

the Snake River Area from Yellowstone National

Park in Wyoming, across southern Idaho, to the

Owyhee Dam in Oregon. I enjoyed it a lot.

But I got serious bone cancer in my back in

2009. They did three major surgeries and a

bunch of heavy isotope radiation and it seemed

to fix it, but in 2016 it returned and they said then

it was terminal because it had gotten in my liver,

one of my Kydnies, and one ling. I was

supposed to have 3 months to live. But it is now

over 3 years later, and though it is still there,

they are growing unbelievable slow, and not

being aggressive like they thought. So I guess

the good Lord has more for me to do and I am at

peace with that. it's all in His hands...and really,

for all of us, it always is. It's letting me see a lot

more grandkids whom I love.

Finally, I am a dedicated American who loves the

Lord, I love my wonderful family, and I love the

US Constitution and what it is supposed to stand

for (though we have most politicians who either

never knew or have forgotten).

I pray the best may come to each person reading

this...that God's blessings will be upon you and

your loved ones.