The girl who can't be put into a box!


I blog about Asperger's Syndrome, mental health and LGBT issues (personal experiences and opinion pieces).
I have a masters in Religious Studies and Global Development, and in the future, I would be interested in how religious beliefs in developing parts of Africa influence how people with mental health problems and learning disabilities are treated.

As the girl who cannot be put into a box, I do not fit people's understanding of what Asperger's Syndrome is, what a lesbian is, or what a person with mental health problems and CFS is. It sounds ridiculous to say that, doesn't it? Most of you would agree that you're not a tick box. You're right, it is ridiculous. However, most of us who have any of these things as part of our personality will have encountered people saying things such as:
"But you don't look like a lesbian", and
"You don't look/act autistic"
The list is endless...
Since these comments are so commonly said to people who identify in certain ways or have certain conditions but don't meet "the stereotypes" (as so few of us do); there needs to be a blog for those of you who are at the receiving end of these comments to read and to identify with, and to realise that you are not alone. I have felt so alone, and like I was "just being lazy/awkward/insert other negative adjectives" on account of all of these things; and I do not want any of you to feel like this, and to think that you're the only one, for a second longer!

I hope it's also useful for those of you who are bored of or don't fancy academic text books and want to find out about any of these things from a first hand perspective.

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments! xxxx