Jenny Knipfer

United States

Jenny lives in Wisconsin with her husband and pet Yorkie, Ruby. She is also a mom and loves being a grandma. She enjoys many creative pursuits, but she finds writing the most fulfilling.

Jenny has an education background in psychology, music, and cultural missions. She spent many years as a librarian in a local public library but recently switched to using her skills as a floral designer in a retail flower shop. She is now retired from work due to disability.

She is the author and performer of a self-published musical CD entitled, Scrapbook of a Closet Poet. Jenny is a first time novelist, and finds joy in the journey. Ruby Moon, the first title in her historical fiction series, is available at local shops and Midwest Indie bookstores (check her website) and on Amazon--search "Jenny Knipfer" in books.

Jenny’s favorite place to relax is by the western shore of Lake Superior, where her novel series, By The Light of the Moon, is set.