My name is Jennifer, but my friends and family call me Jen. I live in the DFW area here in Texas. ​I am a 48-year-old mom of two not-so-little kids - T (22) and S (18). I have been married to my best friend and soulmate, Fabian, for 22 years. We share our home with three crazy hairballs named Korina, Tabitha, and Tumbledart, and a doggo named Zac. You can read more about my family here.

I love reading and started at a young age when first introduced to my mother's stash of Nancy Drew Mysteries. Then I developed an odd fascination for horror and became obsessed with Stephen King during my middle school years. It is still my favorite horror novel. I was in high school when the "romance" book bug took a bite. I read my first historical romance novel, Skye O'Malley, by Bertrice Small, and I never looked back. That was almost 30 years ago. I love history and the Dark Ages of Scotland and Britain, with Tudor England and Regency following close behind. I adore Jane Austen! My passion is still Historical Romance, although I will read just about any genre that strikes my fancy these days.

I have been gaming since the days of Atari when I would sit and play Asteroids and Missile Command for hours, after homework, of course! I still recall my father getting our first computer and becoming enveloped in PC gaming with Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Oregon Trail. Consoles by Nintendo and the Play Station soon followed, and the rest is history. I introduced my children to gaming at a young age, and we have been gaming and playing together ever since. We mainly play PC games like Minecraft, Wizard101, Pirate101, Toontown Rewritten, and games on Roblox and Steam, but we also play on the Switch and PS4, too.

I have been online, in some form or fashion, building a website or sharing my thoughts and musings for quite a few years.