Jay (Bücher wie Sterne)

Weißenhorn, Bayern

Hi. I'm Jay and I read books. Actually, loads of books. My favourite genres are fantasy, science-fiction and young adult but I also like thrillers, history novels and good horror occasionally. My blog is called "Bücher wie Sterne" (Books Like Stars) and it's small but nice. I love my little blog and to be in contact with other bloggers to talk about books I've read. My blog is in German but I also read many English books and write reviews about them. I also like to visit book conventions and book fairs and I love to meet my favourite authors and let them sign my books. Oh, I collect signed first editions and have quite a few on my book shelf. Visit my blog if you want and leave me a message there. Write in English or German and I'll be happy to answer you. Maybe see you there.


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