Jim Thornber

I was born in Southern California and graduated from Thousand Oaks High School. I received a B.S in Ministry from Bethany Bible College in Scotts Valley, CA, and a Master's in Ministry (Leadership) from the Graduate School at Southwestern Christian University. I moved to the Little Portion Community in Eureka Springs, AR to join the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, where for four years I was the only Assemblies of God minister who was also a monk. After leaving the Little Portion, I married Barbara in 1994. I have written a book on my time at the Little Portion called "Taking Off My Comfortable Clothes." I hope to see it published soon, and I've published a number of excerpts from the book on my blog.

I enjoy playing piano, photography (the family calls me Papa-razzi), and writing. But my real passion is teaching Scripture and seeing lives changed by the truth of God's love. I endeavor to be as transparent as possible in my writing and teaching, knowing more is learned through our suffering, trials and mistakes than is learned through our victories and triumphs. I share my experiences as a monk, minister, husband and disciple of Christ to encourage ecumenism and understanding, offer hope and a purpose, and through the articles "Scriptures That Bother Me" I say to everyone who is walking their own road of Christian discipleship, "You are not alone."