S. JoBeth Sexton

Somewhere in the Mists

What makes me worth listening to?
The things I write may not be worth reading to some. I may be too 'wordy' or too full of lofty ideals. I may be too incredible and have my head in the clouds (or the mist, in this case).
But, some may find what I write about entertaining, educational, funny, dark or multitude of other things. I just hope that you find some kind of common ground here that causes you to look at life a little differently.
I am not a writer, by profession. I am an Artist. I create pictures of the things I feel with pencil, ink, oil paint and acrylic, bringing them from the formless world of my imagination into the visual world.
I have an online store where I offer many things to help you enrich your magical life.
This, however, is not where I started. When I began to create pictures, it was with words. And so, I thought I would put this blog together so I could share the things that I have created with words.
I have been a Witch for nearly thirty years. Yet, I feel that my journey is still only beginning. I teach about this Shadowed Path and learn more than I teach. I call myself a Witch, but not 'Wiccan', although I do use some of the things I learned from Wicca in my magickal life.
The most important lessons I have learned so far along this path are the ones that came when I was silent, still and open to the voice of the Goddess. They were lessons learned within the Mists...when I stopped to listen to the stillness.

About the back ground artwork: This image is used with the kind permission of the artist. The title of the artwork is 'BethAnn' by the artist Nick Hyde. You can find and purchase his work here...

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