Madi's Mom

Hi I'm Jocelyn, Madi's mom. My daughter Maddison Haan (Madi) and her friendTyler were killed by a 16 year old named Marilee Gardner during a failed attempted suicide, she drove her moms full sized SUV (Chevy Tahoe) into my daughters tiny Hyundai Accent at a speed of 100mph just after midnight on 6/30/2016. This horrible act alone was a horrendous thing to deal with and of course still is, but there is a lot of missing information that I need to find, and a lot of frustration this far with getting answers or help from anyone, all of this has turned me into an always plotting confrontational brat, and I can't say I feel bad about any of it. If you are right don't question yourself. Madi's Mouthy Mom.