Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and getting to know me a little better. I was born and raised in Liberty South Carolina and I am a Clemson Tiger fan to the core. I now live in Florida and absolutely love it here. I am married to an incredible man of God that encourages me to be me and loves me just as I am. We are high school sweethearts and have been married now for 27 years. He is the Pastor at our church, Calvary Baptist church. I am a mother of some incredible boys so of course I need to brag on them for a moment. My oldest is 22 now, a graduate from West Point Military Academy, an officer in the Army and is married to an amazing women that I consider as my own. My youngest is 16 and in his junior year of high school, is a guitarist in our church youth group, plays in the marching band at school and is seeking God for his next steps for when he graduates. I enjoy being a pastors wife and have learned that it is okay to be who I am and not what everyone else expects me to be. I find great delight in letting God use my mess to bless. For many years I had the privilege to be at home with my children but as they grew older I realized I needed to think about my future. So 20 years after graduating high school I decided to attend college and graduated with an AS in Business. I am now a realtor and love helping others make their dreams come true.

Other than those basics I have an unhealthy love for ice cream with a lot of junk in it. I enjoy going on long walks with the Lord and don't mind showing out when He speaks to me. One of my all time favorite things to do is going to the beach taking in Gods creation and leap with excitement when He entertains me with dauphins. I enjoy window shopping as long as I can touch. I love spending time with women and sharing life over a cup of coffee and I hope by using this online forum I can do that with you. I am not a polished speaker and certainly not a writer, but God is faithful in using our weakness to shine glory upon Himself. I am sold out to Him and believe Him not just in Him. I desire others to know our Lord like I know Him. He sweeps me off my feet and at times reaches out a hand to pull me out of the pit. I do know this He is faithful and has an unfailing love for you and I.