Jodi Cairns

I’m Jodi Cairns, an Ontario native in my mid- twenties with a major passion for leading an adventurous, active lifestyle. Living life my way, following my heart, and taking risks pretty much sums up my mindset that has lead me to live in four countries, ten cities, and two islands on opposite sides of the world. Currently, I am lucky enough to be living in the beautiful Eastern Caribbean, can’t beat summer all year round!

Although I no longer live in Canada, I am a true Canadian at heart. Cue “aboot” jokes! As much as I LOVE travelling and experiencing new cultures, I truly cherish going home to visit family and friends, not to mention the snow is great in small doses!

Before I began living various places around the globe, I completed a two-year Recreation and Leisure diploma from Algonquin College and began my Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting. I was a college athlete and have since obtained my Group Fitness Certification through Issa to share my love for fitness with others.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, I adore anything and everything active. When I’m not adventuring, travelling, or working out, you can find me working towards completing my Accounting degree. Traveling, fitness, and food are a few of my many interests, and I look forward to sharing stories with you through Midst of it.

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