Shorewood, WI

I am strongly socially libertarian; opposed to capitalism, particularly the credit-economy and unregulated-market varieties (I do not believe people have an inherent right to own anything, let alone unbounded quantities of things); philosophically socialist, humanist, and atheist; and I tend towards heavily postmodern social/cultural/historical perspectives. Despite this list of labels, I detest identity politics (by which I mean the mediation of power predicated on a personal, subjective, internal sense of identity, NOT politics that advocates for the interests of marginalized groups, which is class politics).

My areas of strongest interest are the cultural construction of sexuality, sexual agency, queer theory, linguistics, information systems (and their mediation, control, and manipulation), and education.

I'm creating this weblog as a space for me to sound-off about a wide range of social, political, and cultural issues. I have clearly not been doing so much.

Welcome to my headspace.