John Dockendorf

Hendersonville, NC, USA

Dockendorf's family has also been a big part of what has made him do what he does. When Jane Ganey Dockendorf married Charlie, Ave Rees, Ella, and Audrey in 1999, they had four children. Charlie, Ave Rees, Ella, and Audrey are their names. The kids, who are now 15 to 21, are starting their own lives, but John and Jane have built a world of education, training, and efforts to make sure their kids have a good path. The last few years haven't been easy, either. The COVID pandemic was bad for everyone in society and every part of the country. Like everyone else, Dockendorf's organization and operations were affected just as much as everyone else, even more so because it ran on adventure socialization as its main service. In fact, what John Dockendorf has known for a long time is that being persistent and flexible pay off in the long run. It's why John Dockendorf has been able to do the same things on a community level again and again.

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