All The Family

Currently a full time Mummy to 3 gorgeous girls, step mum to 4 more fantastic kids and married to sneaker head and all round good guy.

Life as a mum and a person is a fantastic journey but also has some challenges, having suffered from mental health issues in the past I try to stay aware of how my mind and body is feeling. I am hoping to explore how my mind works a bit more and open it up to allow it to be calm more of the time (if that makes sense).

I like to run and be active (though time limits this), I also loves clothes and shoes but my daily passion is food, it’s the most important aspect of our lives and so I make sure we eat good food (not always healthy) and home cooked and prepared.

My girls are what ‘I do’ and I scream daily (not always at them) , long for wine at 11am (I don’t drink it, I always wait till after midday😉) and cry most days (sometimes at Emmerdale)! That’s the truth of me.