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As the ink dries on a final chapter, In a novel that wasn’t written for me. I begin to use the tools that were given to me. Now I will begin this first chapter. This will be a novel just for me, written by me.
Hello! My name is George. I’m a Beginning Blogger in this virtual world we live in. Topics discussed through my page will involve the world of Adult Entertainment. Relationship advice. Sex tips for you & your partner. Up to date porn news. Reviews on products. I will also discuss topics such as sports, food and daily situations the we all encounter. Just about anything in my ordinary somewhat normal life. You will get my opinions on subjects that I am passionate about. Movie Reviews & interviews with people that you will find just as fascinating as I do. NOTHING is off limits. NO FILTER kinda guy who will do and try anything once.. well almost.
I try to better myself each day with these 3 words LIVIN LEARNIN LOVIN
In order to learn, you have to live. Once you learn how to live, love will surround you.✌🏽

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