Agnes R. Green

Jacksonville, IL

The ticket is worth 5 days of travel and may be split among different people. The ticket is only sold during particular times of the year, which generally coincide with school holidays. The comparable travel intervals with the ticket are July 20 to Sept 10, 2012, and December 10, 2012, to January 10, 2013, respectively. JR West/Central - You can buy tickets online, however, you should utilize a charge card and unless you're an associate, you won't receive any discounts. So if you need to save a couple of hundred yen on JR West or Central tickets, you might try registering for either of those cards.

JR East - Once you make an account with Eki Net, you may get anywhere from 5% to 50% off the cost of tickets depending on your journey path. You must have a charge card to make bookings on-line with Eki Net and the tickets may only be picked up at JR East channels. Round Trip Zone Tickets This special ticket, called, might mark down round trip train fare, dependant upon where you go, but it'll give you a place pass for a specific area if you journey more than 201 kilometers to arrive there. You must purchase the round trip ticket from the JR station outside the area or from the travel agent.

You will receive a starting ticket, a return ticket, and a place ticket. Throughout the valid period of the region ticket, you may ride JR trains and buses at no cost, eliminating shinkansen. You should make sure to help keep your return ticket and region ticket together as is necessary both for the place ticket to work. The tickets should be reserved in advance and may only be used once. Savings are about 40% of normal round trip tickets.