I go by J or Jazz most of the time to most people. some that know "me" well will learn other names, but I'm not up to listing them at the moment. I deal with a lot of anxiety of various forms, extreme moods and extreme mood changes, yes I am diagnosed with Bipolar. I also have a lot of sensory issues, sensitivity to sound, lights, temperature and textures and smells. I am trying to recover from an eating disorder while dealing with gastroparesis and a host of other medical issues that if you read you will find out about. I try really hard to stay positive, but it is hard. This blog is an outlet for me. I may vent on here, I try to post trigger warnings when necessary and I like quotes and photography. Trying to get back into photography myself. I do a lot of crafts though and I will probably be posting pictures of what I make, what is for sale and such as people have started ordering hats and such. I am a writer as well, or, I want/try to be, though dealing with long periods of writers block