I am an "intact" other words, I am a "non-circumcised" heterosexual American male who is not the least bit ashamed of my natural foreskin-laden penis. I live a humble, routine, day-to-day life like everyone else, but with one noticeable difference not common to most other middle aged men in this foreskin was not amputated right after I was born, thanks to my intact father and my late mother who instinctively knew the foreskin evolved for a purpose or it wouldn't exist. Since I am fortunate to live out my life on a daily basis with a whole and intact penis, along with being a naturist who is completely comfortable in my own skin and is unequivocally against all forms of body shaming, I feel the need to openly express my thoughts and share my views on the natural human body in all its various shapes and sizes, and to include and respect all aspects of human sexuality (I totally support the LGBT community as well). And due of my intact status, and because the penile foreskin is not a deformity or birth defect that ever requires amputation, I openly speak out against the archaic and unnecessary cultural and religious tradition of infant circumcision routinely performed on newborn boys throughout the United States, as well as all forms of genital mutilation across the globe! Absolutely no sex (male, female and intersex) should ever be deprived of their natural birthright to intact genitalia...doing so is an absolute violation of everyone's basic human right to genital autonomy...period! I am living proof the male foreskin is not a disease-ridden cesspool for bacteria and infections, and that basic proper hygiene practiced on a daily basis is all the science one needs to know in the simple care of the intact penis. It's as plain and as simple as that!