United States

My philosophy in life is that one should always strive to learn as much about the world as possible while also trying to experience all it has to offer. I work well with peers and would look forward to cooperating in a team with other positive and motivated individuals, ideally in a leadership role.
A lifetime dream I am working to make reality is to become an internationally recognized social theorist and author that sets myself apart with quality writing and comprehensive knowledge of any subject matter I discuss. Other attributes I possess that will help me pursue this dream include an expansive vocabulary, academic writing and research experience, as well as exceptional analytical abilities. Many of the helpful skills I possess were sown by my lifelong passion for reading and literature, and now I am thankful knowing the time I invested in the books has reaped valuable returns for my career!
I also have a great deal of experience in other areas including but not limited to: social science, auto maintenance, carpentry, and computer and information technology. I welcome any business or personal connections that will allow me to build my network and embark on the path to the top of my field. For more visit my site!