I USED to be VERY normal! Dave Ramseys's definition of normal is OBESE, and BROKE! To be honest, I was both, and had no idea I was either! I'm a slow learner, but once I finally "get it", I do something about it! I'm definitely a person of ACTION (although the hardest part for me is actually getting started!). Once I was told I was obese, I started my weight loss journey on Weight Watchers! It took me 2.5 years to reach my Lifetime weight, after making four attempts! It was NOT easy, but was definitely worth it! This time, for the first time, I realized I was a FOOD ADDICT! That realization was the key to success for me. It was suggested that other types of addicts attend meetings for the rest of their lives, that support group to help them stay focused! I finally figured out I needed to do the same! Food was no different! I needed someone that understood when I said I thought about food ALL DAY.

Fast forward a few years later to serious medical challenges with a family member, and the realization that I was also broke! Nope, I again had NO idea! (I thought the number of credit cards in my wallet determined my worth!). Someone had to point it out to me, just like with my weight. I answered the call to action by taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University! My Supervisor gave me the book, The Total Money Makeover, when I was discussing the financial challenges I knew would come along with the serious medical problems! I didn't read the book immediately, but started listening to The Dave Ramsey Show every evening! This is where I found the thing I needed most, HOPE! In fact, I received so much hope that 7 years later I am debt free except my home, and my son just graduated from college DEBT FREE! The purpose of my blog is to give HOPE where there is none! When I was going through the struggle to lose the over 70 pounds shed (still at my lifetime weight 9 years later!), AND to become debt free, it would have helped to have more encouragement from others with the same challenges! My financial weight and weight loss journey had the same key ingredient for success, a support group for accountability. It recently occurred to me that others could use the same support I needed, while I was sacrificing to reach my goals! The journey will still be hard, but the support from others that understand, makes so much difference! I want to support and INSPIRE others to find the same HOPE and courage to change, as I have foound.ly