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I love reading.

I love finding new worlds, new ways of thinking, different perspectives on old worlds and thoughts, and all the wondrous places that simply opening a book can take me. I was very lucky to grow up in a household that encouraged reading. I had a library card from a young age and a parent that believed that if I could understand it, I could read it, so very little was off limits.

As I grew up, the librarians at my schools continued to encourage me and offer suggestions to whatever I was interested in learning or reading about. Some of my fondest memories of my entire schooling career, from primary through college, centered around libraries, reading, and showing others the wonder that are books. (Yes, I was that geek who exchanged study hall for library time. Get over it.) Blogging has become another way to show others the beauty in a the smell of paper and ink, the sight of words on a screen or how a narrator can bring a whole nother dimension with the spoke word.

My blog has come so far since I first started formally posting my book reviews to a blog format in December of 2012. I never dreamed that I would come so far, or have opportunities that I have had. I have discovered some great new friends, many fellow bloggers and authors. I do have a day job, and since it's just me, it sometimes takes me a while to answer comments and do all the cross-posting that we are all "told" has to be done to be successful. But I'm not ready to be a big name phenomenon.

So, I invite you to take a look around. Read some of my reviews, check out some of the interviews and guest posts. You may agree with my reviews or you might not, either way it's all good. Because getting the word out about books, that's the goal. Happy Reading!

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