Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is BJ (short for Bonnie Jean), and I am the sole-owner, designer and creator of necklace and earrings sets as listed in my shop, Jewelry Artistry.
My jewelry collection represents the passion I have for designing and creating unique pieces of wearable art. Jewelry is an art form and Artisan Jewelers are defined in different ways but described as the creators of artisan objects. Often seen only in craft-villages or from small vendors (and in present day, online shops), they show up at folk fairs and art shows because artisan products are those made in small or single amounts rather than ‘en masse’, and are skillfully made with an emphasis on function and quality ingredients. You won’t find artisan products in big stores and catalogues because those business models do not fit what artisans do. Unlike art jewelry, artisan jewelry emphasizes the hand-craftsmanship needed to produce functional, wearable decorative jewelry. As a lover of nature, I prefer using materials that come from the earth ~ gemstones, crystals, wood, pearls, shells and even fossils. I also use fused glass beautiful pendants and love to peruse Antique shops for vintage, unique brooches or pendants. One of my featured artistic endeavors has been creating Chinese knotted necklaces using satin and braided cord. Unique embellishments are part of many of my designs used for complementing the other components of a necklace set.
My goal is to create designs which will provide a customer with a style of their own as well as enhancing their wardrobe, their beauty and as a result, personify their individuality. All handcrafted ~ all one-of-a-kind, my necklace sets will be a reflection of their impeccable taste.
On a more personal note, I am a wife, mother of three girls and grandmother to seven grandchildren ~ the oldest two being 24 years of age and the youngest one, 6 years of age. More recently, a great grandson and a great granddaughter have been added to our family. What are my other interests? Well, when I am able, I love playing the piano. I saved money for a few years and was able to buy a shiny, black standard grand piano which I dearly love. Gardening is something I enjoy as well and since moving to our present house, my goal is to fill the front gardens with lots and lots of colorful flowers. The problem is that we now live in the woods so finding sunny spots to plant is quite the challenge. Unfortunately, there is a limit in the colorful department for shade loving plants! I also keep occupied (when I’m not doing jewelry) with groups I belong to. I enjoy going out with my Red Hat group; am fascinated with the variety of excellent speakers we have at the Sewanee Woman’s Club and keep fairly busy with my participation in the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority ~ a social sorority, of which I am presently the Recording Secretary.