BA Broadcast Communication

Favorite book/novel: Percy Jackson series!!! It made me love Greek and Roman mythology.

Favorite film of all time: A Dog's Purpose! I really love dogs and it made me think how much unselfish dogs are.

Favorite Media Practitioner: Marie Ann Los Banos, she was my professor in my BJ class and she made me realize the truths in our field.

Favorite Song: You are the Reason by Calum Scott, it's a song that I sung in a wedding and it has nice lyrics.
Favorite Music: Ballads,they got me through hard times.
Favorite Band: Seventeen, they are Kpop group consisting of 13 members and I love their charisma and their love for what they do.
Favorite Songwriter: Ed Sheeran, I love all of his songs because his lyrics always bring me into another world.

Favorite Internet Site: Youtube - Korean Variety Shows, because they make me happy.

Favorite Meal of all time: Sinigang, because my father cooks the best Sinigang.

Hobbies: Singing, Writing, Petting street animals