Hi! I’m Brooklyn, a 24 year old with a restless soul who is currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Growing up in a military family, we were lucky enough to only have two big moves while I was growing up. The bad news however, was living 9 hours away from any other family members. This meant lots of trips to visit family, which I very quickly grew to love. I adored being in the back of the car, eager to see where we were going to stop next (usually because I had a full bladder, whoops). Little trips across Canada inspired my love of adventure, and by the time I graduated university, I had already planned a trip to Australia. January 2014 I took off to the land down under. I only spent 6 months there, but got to travel the East Coast and a week in New Zealand. It was not enough. Since coming home, my boyfriend Scott and I drove from a small town in Ontario to British Columbia to see what Vancouver has to offer.
As long as I can remember, I always believed that life is meant to be lived happy. Growing up I would see so many people unhappy with how their lives were going, and I always said that would never be me. Now in my twenties, I can see how easy it is to be sucked into working a job you hate, doing things that don’t make you happy, and doing nothing to change it. I’m ready to take my life and live it as I want to- doing what makes me happy.
I currently spend every free second on the internet reading travel and lifestyle blogs and planning trips I can’t wait to take. I’ve decided to start this blog to connect with like minded wanderers, and share my lifestyle and little adventures along the way with you.
More about me
• I went to the University of Ottawa, and have my Bachelor of Arts degree, with my specialization in Theatre
• I always planned to be an actress, and that would still be amazing, as long as I get to travel while doing it
• I live with my boyfriend Scott, a ginger who I met working retail a few days after my 22nd birthday. He was 30. He’s kinda old ;)
• I only speak English, but occasionally attempt to learn a new language- it just never sticks
• My favourite time of year is fall. If it could always be fall, I would be thrilled.
• I can write with both hands, but my right hand is way better
• My favourite color is black- don’t tell me it’s a shade, I won’t like you
• I love animals, specifically pandas, penguins, sharks and crocodiles
• I’m a Leo
• If I ever went to Hogwarts, I would be a Slytherin. Don’t hate, we just know what we want
• I’m terrified of birds, whales, open water, and lady bugs
• Spaghetti is my favourite food, yum