Just Farmers

Who are we?
• Federation of “farmers that the industry forgot”
• Often small scale (we might farm ½ acre or 5 acres or 20 or more—often less than ¼ section/160 acres; sometimes nearer a thousand!)
• Diversity of concerns including health, lifestyle, environmental friendliness, holistic approach
• Mostly “part-timers”—need another income to survive

Why another publication?
• We need regional communications. Most of the good things are from prairie sources, the Lower Mainland of B.C. (that’s like another country compared to the Bulkley Valley).
• There are many local farmers and gardeners who have knowledge that is “hidden” because of busy-ness, or disenfranchisement from any established organisation, intentional or not.

What can we offer?
• Stories (see the attached story about the Dieleman farm).
• Photos that either celebrate farming life or instruct each other.
• Resources that one or another of us have found useful. Perhaps mini-book or magazine reviews or just the title and author.
• Wisdom from more recent immigrants to our region.
• Knowledge that we are not alone.