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Eyes of the Sky
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Antagonist in "Meet the Feebles" - a writer: filthy, muckraking, fly-on-the-wall, creator of buzz and "acting" like your typical paparazzo/tabloid journalist.... literally AND literary, F. W. Fly creates BIG BUZZ on any scene.

"I've always got my eyes, ears and nose ready for a great scoop." - FWFly

Being born a 'Fly-Guy' is the only life I know. Mama raised me up on all sorts garbage; junk news and entertainment from Hollywood. Pupa was a rolling maggot who never had time for my crap.

This whole a-hole-driven life, I've digested all types of poop culture along the way and really enjoy going NOSE DEEP into a mysterious conspiracy. Everyone has theories. MOST EVERYONE will agree, F. W. Fly was BORN TO DO THIS! If they don't? My words against theirs! HEEHEE!!!

Why, fly so low, solo, so fly? Because I'm nosy, usually on top of sleazy filth, buzzing 'round gutters, butt... in the end... certain characters online WILL accuse me of writing huge/stinky articles for newspapers and the online blogospheres, which I find very disgusting and insulting. In any case, lotsa jelly batches.

And now that the Feeble past is pretty much behind me, I am spending much of my time around trolls/toilets located around the entire planet, butt mainly inside Hollywood movie theatre bathrooms. Livin' large.

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