The Little African Beauty Room

My name is Ines Newell. I have been a single mum of three for 6 years now. I’m originally from Angola, Africa. I was very young when I left the place of my birth, and, sadly, although I can still understand Portuguese ( the official language of Angola) I have lost the ability to speak that beautiful language. However, in return, I am now fluent in English and speak French well.
Until the recent coronavirus outbreak, I was running a waxing business. Like many who have had to close their business, I am looking to the future and new opportunities. So, at the ripe old age of 39, I am retraining to be a freelance online fashion stylist.
I want to practise my new skills and would be grateful to those of you who would like to video chat with me about your wardrobe and a change of style.
There is no charge. I am just looking to practise and get feedback. I have revamped my beauty website for this new and exciting fashion career and have partnered with Amazon that offers branded fashion clothing and accessories.
You will find these on my shopping page soon. Don’t be shy to visit my website and leave comments. I enjoy meeting new people.

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