I am a creative soul, who dreams in colors we do not have names for. My least favorite word is "mono". I strive to live with a ‘no ceilings’ approach that is propelled by passion and a fiercely empathetic mindset. There is no 'best', there is only better. Hit your goal? Awesome, what's the next one? I challenge myself everyday to fight the good fight against the follower wave; I do things unconventionally and keep battling when my innermost demons tell me I can’t. Did I say mono was my least favorite word? 'Cuz 'no' is a close second. I have so many goals and aspirations. On my 'yayyy life' days, I create organized, step by step goal timelines to get there. I use realistic motivators and tangible inspiration. On my 'what is this life this is not for me' days, the battle to my sanity is harder, but my creativity flows like crazy as I can only express the ironic feelings in my gut through words that don't make sense but sound good together, ideas that are unconventional yet make perfect sense, and pieces of art using mixed media that look less like art and more like mistakes. The mistakes I've made have been a huge part of who I am, and I plan to keep making them, and making them, and making them until I start making masterpieces. I strive for mistakes, not masterpieces. Mistakes only teach us to be better, masterpieces tell us we have achieved our personal best, and it's time to move on from the thing we love. The biggest mistake in life is moving on from our self. We are the masterpiece of our own life. If Davinci could have made the Mona Lisa smile, would he have?