Aicy Karbstein

Aicy Karbstein is an American painter, born in Brazil. As a child she began showing a great interest for art and was encouraged by her great-aunt, Frieda Karbstein Noske. Frieda inspired her while also providing lots of paper and crayons. Aicy’s fascination for painting has grown exponentially since her childhood days, with her passion fanned by exposure to Impressionist paintings, specifically the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Various influences have since been absorbed into her work, from which the artist has emerged with her own unmistakable style. Painting from her heart and mind, her works entice you to focus on the message they convey evoking a visceral response. Aicy’s positive approach to life helps her paintings express happiness, beauty and harmony we all seek. Relying on various techniques to achieve her goals, a combination of Expressionism and Abstract are visible throughout many of her paintings, however, Impressionism remains her favorite; it is where she feels most at ease.

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