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Bio: i am a writer & artist with a lifelong love of all things literature, history, writing, painting & photography. i studied a bachelors (Hons) degree in english literature, history & media studies at Uni. later attending art college, getting sidetracked by graphic art, & training in exhibition design. that yearning to write grew & grew, the more i tried to ignore it.

i was a lifelong runner & an athlete at uni, but i have a long term neurological problem & unfortunately i had to give running up, following a life path altering appointment with my brain surgeon. i am also an epilepsy warrior. mood disorder wise, running was always a necessary. we face challenges, we find new ways. life is precious, & for me, writing became my path back to some form of recovery, after my op.

there has been much darkness along the way, & the depression i nearly lost to as a teen & young adult, has moved back in. i recognise it, know its face, all its movements, hear its lies. i know that writing helps. but i am uncomfortable with depressions presence. as mental illness warriors, we fight on.

i have been writing since a child, typewriter on desk 4 year old. and my first rejection on my poetry was delivered from my P3 teacher, who deemed my gothic poem on owls, gore included, unacceptable for reading out to the class. i would like to hereby state,that i was not impressed, with the quality of daisy / flower poems that were read out, that day either.

i had poetry published in my 20's in different anthologies. i then made the curious decision that, i wasn't a writer. my writing hand itched & itched. writers i have since found out, can only be writers. poetry is a medium that i love as it is so free, & expressive. since then i have been published in different magazines, but haven't sought to publish actively as my focus has been on my continuing health issues & on my mental health. my writing fights with me.

currently i am writing a serial short, and writing & getting happily lost in my novel, which walks between my characters lives & dilemmas in time & space within an 1880's gothic / modern interlocked story. i hope to release a book of poetry (once i get the poem order to behave) early 2018. there are some wonderful writers & poets out there, their work & words help me every day. they add to my life & i am thankful to be part of that creative community.

where do the feelings go. we hide. 
 in silenced disconnection,
 emotion bleeds on the inside. ~ kbain

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