On the slopes of the scenic ABADARE RANGES, in Central -Kenya.. just at the break of the 21st century, this 'KIKUYU' warrior is born of the first and last wife of the 11th son of the 'Kariri's'....
Strives through the beautiful valleys of the Abadares till 11 when the family shifts to the Kenyan Capital,Nairobi, for search of greener goes on and this warrior becomes a young man,thrives through the harshest African high school life...but gets a direct pass to university...the guy hangs on to his dream...rolls up his sleeves to rip off greatness from This cruel world... turning heads here and there .. Oh,Kelvin is a good cook.and a NATURE LOVER..spends most of his free time HIKING, CAMPING and PLANTING TREES.

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