Kat Devitt once wrote the light, airy romances of old, but has since turned to the darker side of the genre. Reading Gothic romances and mysteries, she has decided to try her hand at creating a different sort of tale. Tales where heroes and heroines live in the shadows, mysteries emerge from the darkness, and romance is born from tragedy.

Kat works in the dusty confines of a library. She loves having thousands of worlds at her fingertips, and she hopes to see her own one day grace those shelves, even if only in the smallest, darkest corner. When she isn’t at her day job, she is at home with her beloved cat, Bucky, working on her latest project. Oh, and to make her life sound less boring, she also loves to travel to far-off places, shake it at her weekly Zumba class, and obsess over Game of Thrones fan theories.

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