Kate Barnwell

Kate Barnwell is a creative writer of modern, romantic poetry and lyrics and has also written a dark, mystery novella: 'The Case of Aleister Stratton.'
Her poetry reflects a desire to touch the soul; find new and beautiful ways to enhance and describe life.

It is for this imagination and language that over the years people have turned to poetry and lyrics for a source of shared understanding.

Having attained a University of Cambridge Diploma in The Fine and Decorative Arts at Christies in London, Kate worked at a private London Art Gallery; the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Theatre Museum. She started her writing career as a lyricist and has had works performed in the UK and Japan.

She is has recorded five songs with English and International artists.
She has also written a dark, mystery novella, entitled 'The Case of Aleister Stratton.'

She lives in London and Sussex.

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