I am now retired; until 2021 I was a Table Games Dealer at a casino (which I did for some twenty-one years. Before that, I was an Accountant for some fifteen years, twelve of those years with one company, with a degree in Accounting from LSU (Class of 1980), and then a Lady of Leisure for three years.) I am married since 1984; my husband is now retired, having worked with me at the casino from 2000 through 2019, and we have two kids. My son (married December 2010 to a girl from our town) is now moving with his family to downstate New York from South Carolina (he was in the navy from 2010 through 2020), and has one daughter (born 2015), and my daughter and her Significant Other live near Lake Charles and have one daughter (born 2020). We also have four core cats living on our porch, and several ancillary cats. I am also a reasonably devout Roman Catholic, with a great devotion to the Saints, and I try to be sincere about my religion. My weblog is of interest to a very limited set of people, but I do value all of my Six or Seven Loyal Readers. If you wish to contact me, please send me an E-mail at kathrynlafleur023@gmail.com.