Greetings! Welcome to my cottage.
"Come in! And know me better, man!" Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

I'm so glad you joined me here at the cottage. Please sit down, make yourself comfy. Would you like a scone and tea or hot chocolate? Let's get to know one another. I suppose you would like to know a few fun facts about me. Mmmm. :)

~I enjoy Classic Films. Every Friday, on my blog, I talk about a classic film. Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is my favorite, although, I do love Hitchcock films and Noir.

~I enjoy hiking in the forests and mountains. I love the wilderness!!! I hike whenever I can.

~I read books. Mystery/suspense is my favorite genre. I do enjoy a good espionage tale and time travel.

~I don't eat meat. I enjoy dark chocolate, loose leaf black tea, pasta, salads and homemade bread and fresh peaches right off the tree. Nothing better. Of course, any fresh fruit is great.

~ I love lighthouses! They have such a history and a story to tell!

Please stay and visit for awhile. Let's chat and laugh together.

Much love ~


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