One Weird Writer

Albuquerque, New Mexico

My blog, and I've decided to use it. I am pretty random and bored. Katherine Shaw is my pen name. Erin is my real name, I'm a super liberal author, and random ranter.
Once upon a time I was in the film industry, and film school, and I fell. I tore three ligaments (out of four) in my right knee. My dream of being an AD died that day. Along with most of what I loved doing prior.
In my misery I discovered that I can write. It’s a long story that involves a school project Fan fiction / Twilight and Fifty Shades of Intimate Partner Abuse; both the books and films.
One thing lead to another and at the end of this I discovered I can write. I am close to completing the first draft of my original fiction novel “Celebrity Skin” for self publishing.
My grammar sucks, and I have obsessions from time to time. I swear like a sailor and I am not afraid to talk about anything. I believe that we can disagree without being disagreeable. I act young because I feel young.
Right now I am writing Celebrity Skin and The Veil.
I do write Fan Fiction and I'm proud.
I know that I need to build content here, and that’s the plan. Inevitably I will have to raise money as well. COVID-19 has kept me inside since March due to pre-existing respiratory illnesses. I’m barely getting by as is.
I have a podcast and YouTube Channel. My podcast is listed on apple, spreaker, YouTube, spotify, google podcasts, iheartradio, podcast addict, geezer etc.