Kaushal Kishore (KK) is an MBA, MA, and CAIIB with over 35 years of experience in the Banking sector. He has led many technical and commercial teams in delivering project management solutions. He played a key role in the merger of State Bank of Indore and all other Associate Banks, Bharatiya Mahila Bank, and SBICI with SBI. From a solution perspective, Kaushal focuses on best practices and has worked towards risk identification and mitigation, processes, and control improvements. The functions covered by him include wholesale and retail lending, treasury operations, trade finance, cash management services, custody operations, etc. He has also played a key role in merchant acquiring business.

Why One More Blog???

This world is full of ideas,
ideals, thoughts, stories, anecdotes, and so on,

As a tiny creature of this vast universe,
I too have,
Some unique,
Some similar to others,
And some probably inspired by my elders,

Some sweet, some bitter,
Sometimes spicy too,
Some close to heart,
Some closer to mind,

Sharing of the same,
May be of some value to others,
Most of the targeted audience however,
May not possibly come across,

But I have to bring the same in black and white,

No, no, it’s not कीड़ा
Wriggling to come out of me,
Neither literary diarrhoea nor mental indigestion,

It’s rather my responsibility to share my experiences,

What I have received from this great society,
What I have felt about it,
And how I was dealt with,

Will attempt to download what has been uploaded throughout the life,

Before, yes before…
my memory may start fading away,
Before L of YOLO (You Only Live Once) comes to an end,

Else, the whole thing will go away,
Unsaid, unlettered, unsung…sheer waste,

Let others get some ideas,
To make their L a bit better,
It’s up to them,
Let me do my part…