Anna S. Kedi

Anne Kedi Siade believes you can achieve everything you want in life, along as you have the passion for it. Fueled with energy, she loves Africa (the motherland), litterature, music, Writing, dancing (pretty much) and has jumped into new professional challenges which enchante her (family, business and entrepreneurship)
"La Bibliothèque Qui Ne Brûle Pas" was launched as a life-time project which aims in getting Africans all around the world empowered by a better knowledge of their litterature, their music and their history. The blog is the first step of this adventure and is the basic she aims in getting right for now.
La Case d'Anna is a path to discovering more of herself and sharing it with the world. It is a space for conversation and discovery with others and she hopes you will appreciate the tone and freedom of speech.
She dearly invites you to discover those two spaces if you haven't yet and will be deeply honored by your follows, comments and shares!!
PS: It's the marketer in her speaking at the 3rd person, some creative idea to get to her point. And this is when you should be saying "Ahah"!!

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