Keith is a "pratyeka" mystic according to buddhism because his mystical experiences of Reality (MER), were spontanious. (He is not a buddhist or member of any religion). He had MERs every year from the age of 15 to 35 years of age. Pratyeka mystics don't teach, preach, evangelise, or prosletise what they know. However, when Keith recognises those who are chosen and driven to seek Ultimate Reality he does reach out to them, cautiously, to help them stop floundering and recognise themselves, know what is happening to them. Then his incllnation is to remove himelf unless called upon.

Keith writes a Blog, His 416 page book and ebook, MYSTIC EXPERIENCE OF REALITY was published in December, 2019. Nothing has been done to promote it, on the grounds it will reach its prepared readership on its own.

All Is Well.