I am an specialist Neuro Occupational Therapist, my experience ranges across age 3 to 98, from the acute stage of their injury and into slow stream and long-term community rehabilitation. As such, I have been able to experience directly the long-term impact of brain injury upon individuals and their families. My work has also incorporated working with clients detained under the Mental Health Act, and with dual diagnosis of neurological disorder. This variety of experience has enabled me to enhance my understanding of the psychological impact of disability for the client and their family, and to be flexible and creative in my approach to intervention.

I work with individuals affected by traumatic and organic brain injuries, including degenerative conditions. I assess and treat clients, as well as plan and recommend future therapeutic intervention and equipment needs. I use a range of person-centred approaches and techniques to overcome the cognitive, physical and behavioural difficulties associated with the client’s injury. I train carers, families and therapy staff on individual rehabilitation programmes and therapeutic approaches. My confident approach working with clients’, with subtle yet impacting difficulties and I tailor my approach to maximise their rehabilitation potential.

I am a passionate writer and blogger, sharing knowledge and skills here which incorporate a range of articles and blogs, including spiritual, emotional, cognitive, medical, social articles and also write’s poetry. I have published two books which are available on Amazon ‘The Dark Knight if the Soul,’ which is a psychological thriller and ‘Woman in Chains,’ which is a short play.

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