I am an specialist Neuro Paediatric Occupational Therapist. My work has also incorporated working with clients detained under the Mental Health Act, and with dual diagnosis of neurological disorder. Here on my blog, I share articles that are of my own opinion and professional expertise, especially regarding autism and the related problems.

At age 3, I drowned in a pond and saw the other side of the veil, later in my life I experienced another NDE, and experienced the thousand petal lotus open as the white light engulfed me. I started this blog to share these truths about the other side of life.

I am a passionate about everything esoteric, explaining kundalini from my experience and ancient healing techniques, I am a Reiki healer and share my knowledge and skills on here which incorporate a range of articles, scientific facts and blogs, including spiritual, emotional, cognitive, medical, social articles. I also write’s poetry. My first novel 'The Dark Knight of the Soul,’ which is a psychological thriller is available on Amazon.

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