After finishing my undergraduate studies, I had the absolute privilege to trapeze across Europe for some time. I pride myself on the fact that my trip was entirely self planned, although it took me almost a year to plan, I feel that for solo traveling, it was pretty well orchestrated. I strayed away from doing guided tours and relied heavily on researching different travel blogs and websites about places to see, allowing myself to see each city I visited in my own special way. I am also a vegan so many of my posts contain fun, food related adventures, so if you're also a vegan, feel free to reach out to me. In addition to being vegan, I am also gluten free, and let me tell you, eating abroad is not as hard as it may seem!!
I must admit, that fleeting Summer was not nearly enough to satiate my appetite for travel. On a train from Amsterdam to Berlin, I was trying to comes to grips with the idea of "finding one's self whilst traveling", frustratingly, I found myself writing a brief journal entry on why I believed you shouldn't have to travel to find yourself or fulfill yourself. As I'm settling into the working world, I have found that I couldn't be more wrong.
So, with any further blog posts, enjoy me updating certain travel spots I missed and join me on my farfetched journey to see the rest of the world!