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Hi ! I am Sumith and welcome to my Keralas Creative Kitchen… A collection of my recipes, food arts and food related thoughts !! My life revolves around my food thoughts. Its were I write, create, experience, sence, think, and act. My kitchen is a microcosm of The kitchen, where we all live, learn, and enjoy. Its where our values interact with our daily lives. Its where our actions speak much louder than words, more vividly than pictures.

This blog is my story, my experience and sweat earned from past 23 years. A long journey from India to United Kingdom through hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.

Creating a menu is like composing a song or symphony. You should never rush through it. I first have to think about harmony, flow, and the beginning, middle and end. It all makes for an experience. It has to have purpose and passion, and it has to be prepared for perfection.

The most important rule is flavor. No matter what direction I want to go with the dish or recipe, it has to leave you with a remembrance of how good it was—that’s what makes you want to go back to that place where you had that experience. Visual, scent and feel are all great experiences to have in food and are needed to complete a dish, but it is the flavor that takes you home and brings you back to that place. When building flavor, use layers and not a “food explosion.” Your tongue has a symphony of receptors that creates a sensation as it senses salty, sweet, sour, heat and umami.

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