Keira Fulton-Lees

Midlothian, VA 23114

Hi, I am Autistic and my name is Keira Fulton-Lees. (Note: Identity-First for me!) and I am the the owner of the ArtfullyAutistic WebSite and Blog.

After many years of being misdiagnosed with many other disorders, I was finally Formally Tested and Diagnosed with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder by a Neuropsychologist at a renowned Neuroscience Clinic. Finally getting a correct diagnosis was a very vindicating and empowering experience for me.

I’ve finally reached a place of not only acceptance of my condition, but a place of embracing and celebrating my atypical differences. Finally knowing why I never really “fit-in”, is a very powerful feeling.

My Autistic “Special Interests” are:
The Moon – My Beloved Glowing Friend

Music – I play guitar and compose my own original instrumental Songs

Art – I love to draw and paint

Writing and Poetry – I love to write about my life experiences living on the Spectrum, Mental Health, Disability, and other open topics of interest

Photography – For me, finding just the right shot is to capture and lock-in a special moment in time

Coding – Mostly in Java and Perl (Perl will always hold a special place in my heart – the Swiss Army Knife of programming! – shebang! #!/usr/bin/perl

My Son – The Love of My Life – The Steeple atop All my Extraordinary Moon People!

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