The best Montessori nursery, preschool child care, early childhood education, summer camp, baby day care & kindergarten in Egypt.

Nursery and preschool:
Sunday – Thursday from 7:30 am – 7:00 pm.
Fun house:
Friday & Saturday from 10:00 am : 10:00 pm.
Sunday – Thursday: 7:00 pm: 11:00 pm. “Summer Time starting from May”.
• Meals :
3 well balanced meals ……..
• Premises:
Accommodate environment to the child’s development and needs with a Spacious Outdoor .
• Medical care:
Weekly check will be held by a professional pediatrician
• Enrollment age:
We accept age from 3 month to school age.
• Transportation:
Available upon request for October resident (hand to hand / door to door)
• Summer and Winter Camp:
Children is exposed to a huge range of activities including: sports, arts and crafts, theater and drama and more to come
• After school:
Afterschool service is open on weekdays year-round from school dismissal until 7pm, children will enjoy different activities.

To create the Ideal stimulating zone that helps our kids to reach their fullest potential through our high qualified and caring staff.
Simply: Remarkable kids, proud parents and happy staff.

• Our strategy:
• Enhance the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language development of the child using different approaches and methods and semiannual assessment will be held on your child’s development.
• Nourish the child's creativity and intellect, imagination.
• Honor the child's natural desire to learn, to be helpful, and to contribute.
• Understand that the child develop at his own rate.