Swiss woman - living here, there, elsewhere - And after 12+yrs in France, I’ve now moved back permanently to my home country.
I’m very much into reading, singing, playing music, I enjoy gardening (but even more so sitting in a garden with a drink in one hand, a charming person opposite me, or a book in the other hand!!!), I'm a DIY person with varying degrees in doing everything from badly to superbly, I love company, cooking, dining with Hero Husband (HH), family, friends and anybody I meet, I love candles, sunshine, hot tea and red wine, value friendships highly, I’m an avid writer & reader, I have no TV, bad eyesight by now and do my photo work now with my phone camera.

You can speak to me in English, Deutsch, Schwyzertütsch, Français, Italiano, and if you talk food, I’m quite sure that I also understand what you’re saying in Portuguese and Spanish.... I speak beautifully with my hands waving and feet dancing - and I'm a good listener, that works in any language :)

My prof. background covers anything from humble secretary to personal assistant, right (and left) hand to important people, I adored working in international environments (hence my living in many countries too), but just as much I loved and still love intimate 'constellations', I do a lot of thinking and writing for myself and I love REAL honest people, simple pleasures, as well as believing in thankfulness, honesty and friendliness.

I have early on decided not to join Facebook and I'm glad about this decision. Today more so than ever. Also, due to my bad (and worsening) eye-sight, I do have an Instagram account but no photos, I just indulge in my friends work and it allows me to comment. Same thing on Twitter. I'm on Pinterest, but not obsessive so... I however hope to go back to my Flickr photosite sometime.

Profile photo may change frequently. This one is taken on the 1st class deck of a paddle steamer, on my favourite lake in Switzerland, LAC LEMAN (or to the ‘foreigner’ Lake Geneva)