King Ben's Grandma

My name is Angie. I'm the mother of two adult daughters. I am also co-parenting my autistic grandson with his mama. We all live together in one house that is ruled by King Ben. Grandma & Mama aka Older daughter (I write semi-anonymously to protect Ben) are his loyal subjects. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse as well as domestic abuse from my alcoholic (ex)husband of 20+ years. I occasionally have problems with PTSD from the abuse and clinical depression because life & heredity. On top of that, or slithering through it, I am also disabled with Fibromyalgia. Fibro brings it's friends Fibro Fog, Insomnia, IBS & placque psoriasis to play along. Bottom line, I'm kind of a mess, a generally happy mess, but a mess all the same. My blog is part journal, part rant space with a little attempt at education mixed in. I'm a pragmatic eternal-optimist with a touch of cynicism.

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