Scott Kixmiller

Greensboro, NC

Kixmiller Coach & Consult help guide professional therapists and coaches into developing the mindset for transforming their practices into more profitable, fulfilling ventures.

I offer the fundamental knowledge and tools needed to help our clients grow their businesses, and produce a higher, more consistent level of income which leads to a life of freedom for themselves and their families.

I aim to develop a blueprint that will aid in creating an on and offline brand presence that will attract a loyal following of potential highly qualified leads for the therapist’s or coach's practice.

Work with me if you are a therapist, counselor and/or coach who has a private practice. You know you have experienced the pains of not having enough clients, you have clients you do not like working with and you have had the pains of dealing with insurance companies who dictate rates of pay and the types of interventions you can implement.

Let me help you create a plan for yourself and your business, so you never have to rely on insurance companies again.

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