A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away, Knight of Cups was born...
In all seriousness, all you need to know is that I go by Dre or Dre of Cups or Knight of Cups on the internet. I am a pretty unnoteworthy person with a lot of passion for the wide (seemingly unrelated) things I care about.
I am in love with animals, nature, food, and yoga. I also have a lifelong affinity for books, writing, and sharing experiences. I tend to gravitate towards darker clothing and consider myself an Eclectic Pagan (I can cover more about that if anyone is curious).
I currently study English, BUT I would love to be a librarian one day, so that I could surround myself with others' experiences (and sniff all of the bookish smells). I currently work as a Library Assistant, a Preschool Programmer for that library, and a Reptile Breeder, along with a writer in my free time. I have a pretty crazy imagination, so I plan to write some children's literature in the future, for now I will keep my dull-witted stories to myself.
So why do I even waste my time doing this?
Well, it isn't really a waste of my time, because I love writing for my own entertainment and my mom usually reads my stuff (Hi mom!). I don't really expect anyone to actually read any of it, but for those few who do, I am grateful for all the love and positive comments.
I began blogging so that I could quell a terrible soul-itch that begged me to write about my lifestyle discoveries and cover things that I don't feel like I see enough of on the internet.
I could have easily started a youtube channel or an Instagram page, but I want to encourage others that love to read, to well... read. Also, the internet is a pretty scary place, and I am a poor college student (cameras are expensive).
I prefer to absorb my entertainment and knowledge through the reading medium, so hopefully others like me will find some enjoyment in this material. Or at least not feel like it was a waste of time.

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