Down South

"I hope you are brave in your quest for life, insecure in your trust of the world, and truly loved by those around you."
The Napkin Writer

I tried, but I just couldn't stay silent. The poetry bubbles like a fountain of stars escaping to the heavens. This I must say, that I must write, and my story was once never-ending. But lately I'm feeling the need to say more, write more than poetry, but, but, but..... My story is no different from thousands others just like me.

We all have something to say, but who's listening...

AKA, The NapkinWriter
The Napkinwriter; actually started out as “The Napkin Writers,” a small group writers, writing on Yahoo at the time some sixteen, seventeen years ago, amid the backdrop of 911.
We didn’t really have a name yet; we would just show up writing and responding to each other’s writings, not unsimilar to what we do today on twitter and other sites. I had started the group, but it was “ladygiet,” whom wrote the preamble to the group, thus solidifying this small group of writers as, “napkinwriters.” But then nine-eleven hit and we all became, different, separated, distant…
We didn’t invent groups or sharing or responding to postings, but this was in the early stages of interactive “internetism,” Before the napkinwriter in or around 2002, I was The KnubianKnight 1997, 98; @ Yahoo, AOL, becoming the common sites for building your own web pages. We learned to write code to make lights blink and signs and postings flash in colors, and lines wiggle and walk like people. We learned to write our own URL’s for switching between pages and how to add music to those pages or attach it to simple piece of poetry each time a person clicked that page or read that poetry; and we were having fun doing it.
After 911 I became The Napkinwriter @ Now, I was a Knight and a Writer and a commoner to boot. My poetry somehow just took a serious turn in the nature of the foundation of my poetic expressionism. I calmed down that aggressive spirit of a knight and thus reign the new-born spirit of the poet.

(to be continued)